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This is a behind the scenes clip from a recent trip the 800 Kamerman crew took out to the Honda Center in Anaheim to capture a Professional Bull Riding event, or PBR for short. We were all over the place on this one, moving from one location to the next, always standing on our toes, ready to build the next shot. We brought the beefy yet eloquent, Arri Alexa with us because it only seemed right to have one of the nicest digital cameras next to a 2 ton, uncontrollable beast. The results were well worth it, as you will see from some snippets in this video. 

The production didn’t just stick ring side, we had a full white backdrop set up with two Varicams covering interviews/profiles. And when the Alexa wasn’t near the ring we put it on one of our Steadicams to shoot some…sorry, you’re going to have to watch more PBR to see that one. Also both production trucks were on sight, providing all the aesthetic and creative tools, necessary to getting the job done correctly. And of course we had our 60D, 7D, and 5D on sight so that we could give you this video. 

Hope you enjoy it! 


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